Tijuana’s Legacy Of Art And Culture

Tijuana stands out for many qualities, for having expert Tijuana dentist like Bartell Dental or internationally recognized surgeons, but when it comes to art, we are not left behind either, for example in the celebration of eight decades of the birth of the Mexican writer Carlos Monsiváis, The Tijuana Cultural Center highlighted its precious legacy in part through the participation of several writers in the cycle called Mexico through culture.

The Mexican writers, in the framework of the celebration of eight decades of the birth of Carlos Monsiváis, commented that one of the fundamental characteristics of the cultural promoter was the independent inquiry, omnivorous curiosity to approach the details.

As collector also has its importance, he managed to give interest to various objects thanks to the look he gave them, and he had a prolific writer with an impressive coverage of national life.

He indicated that Carlos Monsiváis cultivated the chronicle and the essay, mainly around the current problems and committed to the popular struggles of Mexico and Latin America, which had a particular interest in the border and this region.

The cultural center of Tijuana has a room in honor of the artist, the Sala Carlos Monsiváis, which with this event has been full of both young people and adults, interested in it the works made by various artists and various activities that make the residents of many places remember him with admiration and respect.

The city is visited by more than four thousand Chinese people per week, and if we add to that, Germans, Australians, Japanese, Koreans and Anglo-Saxons, the compatriots on the other side are returning, and much is to visit us or invest in Tijuana in condominiums.

As for the situation of tourism in the city, it is expected that expectations will be exceeded and in the first quarter a lot of people will be received for gastronomy; An critical moment comes for the city because when there is an economic spill, we are implanted in the mobility of the capital.